What is your shipping policy?


Gleman & Sons ships our products from our online store in the all 48 states in the continental United States. We unfortunately do not ship to Alaska or Hawaii.  For custom made pieces ordered from our store in Sanford, we do not provide delivery but can provide a cost for delivery from one of our trusted courier services.  Shipping costs should be estimated at your checkout.

Where do you find your  reclaimed lumber?

We have 4 suppliers located in the Northeast and Northwest United States.  Our lumber comes from areas with a drier climate.  Our wood comes from barns and various buildings that have fallen in or no longer in use.  Each board or beam is taken off the structure individually and then shipped to our lumber yard.  

Concerns with Lead Paint or Insects?

We cannot guarantee that our wood did not have lead based paint applied to at some point through out it's life. However we can suggest to seal the wood,if that is a concern.  Most of our lumber is kiln dried to remove concerns for insects, We are very diligent in our lumber yard's health by ensuring insect prevention through the use of pesticides.

Custom Projects

Our custom projects will take a specified time frame to complete and are non-refundable. The detailed time frame for any custom order are 

Any other questions?