Our Lumber Yard

Gleman & Son's Reclaimed Lumber is recovered from old barns and buildings in the Appalachian region and out West.  Whether left rustic with its natural patina and saw marks or finished to show the beautiful grain and color, this lumber has beautiful and unique characteristics. We carry over 40 species of wood, and have over 150,000 board feet of material in stock.


Reclaimed Barn Board

A selection of weathered barn wood.  Predominantly Oak, Pine, Hickory and what was available in the local area when the barn was originally built. Most of this barn wood has been distressed, over decades by sun, wind and rain. A variety of mostly unpainted or painted pieces.


Live Edge Slabs

We carry Poplar,  Black Walnut,  White Oak,  Cherry, Maple,  and many more species within our inventory of over 300 slabs.  They can even come book matched and are used for counter tops, bar tops, table tops, benches, etc. The options and beauty of these slabs will make any piece stand out. 


Character Grade Boards & Planks

Character Grade Boards are used for build in and multiple aspects.  They have ability to provide character and visual appreciation for any piece.  Our selection of these boards is quite large and spans across multiple species. Their sizes will  vary in lengths and widths.


Hand Hewn Beams & Timbers

Hewing a fresh cut tree was one of the most labor intensive and artistic aspects of construction back in the 1800’s and before. Not only was the tree felled by hand, but the log was then squared up by hand as well.  These beams and timbers can vary in length and thickness. 


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Antique Lumber

This Antique Lumber has endured multiple generations of waiting to be used.  Often with over 100 years of age these pieces are often found on top of rafters or attics of barns. They are unique to reclaimed due to the fact they've never been used or hold any nail marks.


Commercial Orders

Gleman & Sons has over 150,000 board feet of material to fill commercial orders.  We take care to ensure every board that is delivered to our  clients is the best in our inventory and holds up to our reputation of being the best provider of reclaimed materials.